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Advertising on Facebook has almost become a must for all modern and connected businesses. But what are its real benefits and how can you get the most benefit from it? Is getting help from a web agency imperative if you want to succeed with your Facebook Ads campaigns?

Who is Facebook Ads for?

Facebook Ads campaigns can be useful for all kinds of business activities. They will be important for big brands who cannot ignore this huge network of consumers. They have become essential for those who sell mainly online and need to attract leads to their sales site. And today they are an effective weapon for local trade, crafts or local services, as geographic targeting is so effective on this network.

Positives and Negatives of Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook, like on other social networks, has its pros and cons. The bottom line is that the former prevail over the latter, which is the case with Facebook. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of this powerful network:


A significant return on investment: this is the consequence of the previous strong point. Online advertising on Facebook allows you to obtain a higher ROI (Return on Investment) than any other marketing action, especially in the sale of consumer products and local services.

The most widely used social network worldwide: the success of Facebook is total and it is undoubtedly the largest reservoir of consumers on the planet. Your current and future customers are there. And the advertisements that are broadcast there have an incomparable reach.

A significant local impact: the geographic targeting of Facebook ads is very precise (within 1 km). It therefore makes it possible to perfectly dose the distribution of its advertisements to a qualified audience. In addition, Facebook is increasingly used to search for services (artisans, restaurants, hotels, etc.) and to check the opinions left by other customers: advertising is therefore fully relevant to reaching Internet users who use it. as such.

Incomparable advertising targeting: thanks to its gigantic database of personal information, Facebook’s advertising solutions make it possible to very precisely target an audience via age, interests, gender, professional activity or other sociological data. This targeting allows your ads to be more effective by showing them only to people who are expected to be interested.

Easily adjustable budgets: one of the big strengths of Facebook Ads is to give you the possibility of freely setting your budget. This makes advertising accessible to everyone, without thresholds or prohibitive fixed costs.


Difficulty in estimating budgets in advance: many companies must be able to estimate their advertising budget beforehand. Despite the audience or cost per click estimates provided by Facebook, it is always difficult to get the best approach, especially when experience with this network is limited.
Is an agency useful for Facebook Ads campaigns?

Advertising on Facebook may seem simple at first glance, but it contains subtleties that can be misleading and cost money wasted. As soon as you seriously want to advertise on this social network, it is essential to rely on proven skills to guide you and provide you with advice and strategy.

Web Agency Necessity

Experience with advertising campaigns on Facebook and you will avoid bad targeting, early mistakes and inefficiently spent budgets.
Methods to target your campaigns and make your budget profitable: it is crucial to target your campaigns on Facebook as well as possible. This is the key to spending your budget wisely and having a good conversion rate

Analysis tools to monitor your campaigns, test and improve them: thanks to the Facebook pixel, you have a large amount of data on your advertising campaigns. But the main thing is to know what to do with them, how to analyze them and build alternative strategies. An agency can help you set up campaign tests to determine the most effective ones and can monitor your performance indicators to improve your advertising strategy, Social media manager marketing.