1000+ Digital Product Ideas to Monetise Yourself


Here’s what can be achieved with creating and selling digital products in 2024. 👇

Monetise Your Skills, Your Hobbies, Your Knowledge, Your Life Experiences, Your Results or Traumas.

Ref: Stripe revenue (Gross Volume) generated during 31 days, from 1st October 2023 to 1st November 2023. This revenue has been generated from promoting our digital products from Social Media only (Etsy revenue isn’t included in this gross volume.)

RECORD: October to November 2023 – Celebrating our biggest month so far, selling digital products from home. This is to show you what’s possible, once you commit to start, grow and scale your digital product business. This revenue above has been generated entirely from social media.

You use the marketplace ‘Etsy’ to sell mini digital products, then build a following, and bring your existing customers to your social media, where you can sell them a membership, a bundle of your digital product, a program, a service, at a much higher price point.

This is how you scale your Etsy store from a few sales a day to a massive 6 to 7 figures brand.


  • What’s a Digital Product?
  • 1000+ Digital Products Ideas
  • Reason #1 WHY ANYONE SHOULD START Selling Digital Products in 2024
  • Digital Products Type You Can Create Today
  • Most Profitable Niches in 2024
  • Where To List And Sell Digital Products?
  • How Much Can You Realistically Make Within 30 Days?
  • NOW, Start Creating!
  • BONUS: Etsy SEO + Digital Product Creator KIT


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Discover 1000+ Digital Product Ideas for your small business, classified by different niches and outcomes. There is a description, SEO keywords you can use to list it and an in-depth chatGPT prompt to help you create your products for EACH of the digital product idea. You can keep coming back to it, it’s super easy to use and intuitive!

FREE BONUS: Discover an Entire Training, a Digital Product Creator Kit and A 30-page WorkBook Template To Get Yourself Started

First, what’s a digital product?

Let’s make things extra simple.

A digital product is a piece of content that can be created on a laptop or other digital device and shared online to provide value to others.

This content can take many forms, such as e-books, online courses, printables, templates, graphics, chats, phone calls and more. The key is that it is created digitally and can be shared and sold online. By creating and selling digital products, personal brands and businesses can monetize their skills, knowledge, traumas, advices, mission, vision and/or experiences.

Reach people worldwide, and sell 24h/7.

A few key points:

👉 Digital products can be sold alongside online physical product-based stores.

👉 You can start a buisness with ONE digital product only.

👉 They have the potential to be extremely profitable. (>$$1m in revenue)

👉 You can start and create them for FREE.

👉 You can create ONE today and sell it

👉 They can sell while you sleep.

👉 You can list it on Etsy, your website, IG, Tiktok… and sell today.

👉 They are extremely scalable.

👉 You can sell it worlwide.

👉 Instant delivery.

#1 reason ANYONE SHOULD START selling digital products in 2024

MORE AND MORE – I see and notice people around me that look genuinely UNHAPPY.

They are unfulfilled.





Working in jobs they hate. For people they can’t stand. With colleagues that are as unhappy as them. I used to be one of them.

They work for others. They would show up every day for their boss and do everything they’re being asked for. But can’t even stick to their own promises. They show up at work on time every morning. But can’t show up for what they said they will do for themselves. They work for someone else’s dream.

All day long.

All week long.

All year long.

All life long.

And then it’s too late.

I used to be one of them. I used to work at Mc Donalds. Then 10 to 12h a day as a waitress, in London, for 5 years. I had other dreams for myself. Enough. I then bought a sewing machine, learned how to sew overnight online, and started listing my very first item the next day. I made mistakes. I lost money. Time. Energy. Learned a lot. Got frustrated. Pushed through. Achieved specific results.

And then decided to share what I knew too. Serving for MY OWN BRAND, under MY OWN NAME, for MY OWN DREAM, people are now, every day, sending my way:

“Thank you for everything that you do.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your way of seeing things.”

I even been told a few times:

“You literally changed my life.”

We are 8 Billion people on this planet.

I’m now getting paid 40 to 50k a month sharing my knowledge and what I learned to a specific group of people.

This audience is basically…

my young ME.

I know their struggles.

I know the frustration.

I know the way they feeling.

I know exactly what they need.

I know what they want.

I know what needs to be done.

I know how to get there.

Because I was there, too, once.

No one will NEVER have my past, the same exact drive I have or the same experiences and feelings I went through. And the same way to explain things. I do NOT have any direct competitors. No matter how many people play in my field right now.

They will NEVER EVER be me. I will NEVER EVER be them.

While some people may do it for FREE, I decided to get paid for it. This is extremely fulfilling. I’m valued. I know I make a difference. And the fact I’m getting paid for it allows me to KEEP DOING IT, and become FREE. It allows me to keep serving and sharing so people can get inspired, improve, grow, get results and achieve the same in return.

Everything you know have been taught or learned.

We ALL have something to:

teach, spread, share.

No matter where you live.

No matter your age.

No matter your gender.

No matter your religion.

No matter your social status.

And we can ALL get paid for it.

And build our own empire, from home.

What Type Of Digital Products Can You Create?

  • Planner
  • Challenge
  • Journal
  • Roadmap
  • Checklist
  • Wall-Art
  • Wallpaper
  • Personalised Plan
  • Flashcard
  • Board
  • Tracker
  • Online Course
  • Tutorial
  • E-book
  • Templates
  • Digital stickers
  • Google Sheet
  • Service
  • Patterns
  • Swipe Files
  • Recipes
  • Fonts
  • Files
  • Website Themes
  • Instructions
  • Personalised Digital File
  • Sheets
  • Printable
  • Invitations
  • Cards
  • Stock Photos
  • Paintings
  • Albums
  • Photocards
  • Magazine
  • Flyers
  • Textures
  • Membership space
  • Paid group community
  • Virtual summit
  • Pre-sets
  • Worksheets
  • Workbooks
  • Resumes
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Copy Content
  • Kits
  • Icons
  • Mock-ups
  • Calendars
  • Templates
  • Fill-in Pages
  • Graphics
  • Notepads
  • Zoom Consultation
  • Notebooks
  • Backgrounds
  • Games
  • Logo
  • Plan
  • 1:1 Phone Call
  • Readings
  • Ticket
  • Spreadsheets
  • Done-for-you service

There is zero limits to what you can actually create.

Once you create them, they are literally ready to sell.
And can be sold OVER AND OVER, for years to come.

Most Profitable Niches in 2024

So first, what it is exactly? What’s a niche?

A niche is basically a specific solution (your products or services) that you will provide for a specific person that have specific needs and wants.

People I’m working with often ask me this difficult question: “What niche is the most profitable?”

And my answer is:

The key is to flip your thinking and your focus:

The question isn’t, “What can I sell to start making money?”

The question is, “What do other people need that they will pay me money for?”

Switch from ‘me, me, me’ to ‘them, them, them.’ That’s how you’ll win.

Your niche is within you. It needs to be something you are obsessed about, based on your own unique interests, hobbies, existing skills, background, experiences, transformation, traumas, and knowledge.


– If you aren’t organised, don’t even think to sell planning or organisation tools.

– If you aren’t into fitness, forget about selling workouts or meal prep fit plans….

Here are broad niche examples, for you to start brainstorming:

► Health

► Wellness

► Wealth Building

► Personal finances

► Small Business/Entrepreneurship

► AI

► Real Estate

► Productivity/Organisation

► Bath, Fashion & Beauty

► Relationships

► Hosting/AirBnb

► Pet

► Home improvement/Home Decor

► Travel

► Events

► Spirituality

► Nutrition

► Job search

► Homeschooling

► Pregnancy

► Wedding

► Food and cooking

► Personal development

► Arts and crafts

► Fitness

► Gaming and entertainment

► Photography

► Music

► Language learning

► Parenting and family

► Green living and sustainability

I’m sure you’re already having loads of ideas!

Where To List And Sell Digital Products?

So – once you create your products, you have to list them somewhere ASAP so people can discover them and buy them! Here are some popular options:

Sell them on Etsy: A marketplace for handmade and vintage items that ALSO allows the sale of digital products such as printables, templates, and digital downloads.

Sell them on your own website/Shopify: A popular e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your own online store to sell digital products as well as physical items.

Sell them on Amazon/Amazon KDP: which allows you to sell e-books, audiobooks, and other digital products.

Sell them on Systeme.io: This is one is now MY FAV! Once you have an audience, a following or a list, this plarform is amazing. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that allow you to create and sell digital products, create your own blog, membership and create sales page, and manage your email marketing campaigns all at once + build sales funnels, and more.

NOW, Start Creating!

The best time was yesterday. The other best time is today.

3 Options For Your Product Creation

The exciting part starts!

It’s time for product creation.

Here are my fav’ few places, click on each:

👉 Canva.com (to create PDF, templates, cheatsheets, tuto, …)

👉 Gamma App (Generate docs, decks & webpages in seconds)

👉 Google Sheets or Excel (to create spreadsheets)

👉 Templett (to create interactive templates)

👉 Corjl (to create interactive templates)

👉 Notion (to create interactive documents)

👉 Trello Board (to create lists, ideas boards, etc…)

👉 MidJourney (to generate images, pages, illustrations…)

👉 ChatGPT (to generate written content, ideas, …)

NEW: You can also include a Canva Plug-in into ChatGPT:

– Open ChatGPT: Launch ChatGPT in your preferred web browser.

– Navigate to Plugins: Move your cursor over the GPT-4 icon and click on the ‘Plugins’ option.

– Install Canva Plugin: Find ‘Canva’ listed in the Plugin Store and click ‘Install. ‘

Explore all the possibilities!


Get Started With Fill-In-The-Blanks Ebook And Workbook Templates on Canva


Create an E-Book with our AI E-book Generator


Your Artificial Intelligence Assistant with ChatGPT Prompts.

Visit https://auth0.openai.com/u/login/

Start a thread. First, copy paste this prompt into ChatGPT.

👉 Prompt #1: The Subject

“I’m [NAME] and my business name is [BUSINESS NAME]. The brand is all about helping [target audience] to [achieve a specific transformation]. Please provide me with 10 ideas for educational and inspirational ebooks, along with a brief description of each, so that I can make a selection. Please then inquire about my preference.

👉 Prompt #2: The Title

I want to pick [Subject picked]. Help me craft 10 engaging and attention grabbing titles for this subject and inquire about my preference.

👉 Prompt #3: The Cover Design

Assist me in crafting the front cover. Provide me with several images and designs concepts that I will have to incorporate and that can captivate viewers and convey the essence of the content instantly, eliminating the need for further reading while enhancing the title’s significance.

👉 Prompt #4: The Outline

“Now that we have a title and cover design, let’s outline the ebook. Provide me with a detailed outline for the ebook, including 10 chapter titles, subheadings, and a brief description of the content in each section”

👉 Prompt #5: Introduction and Hook

“Help me create a compelling introduction for the ebook. Craft an opening paragraph that captures the reader’s attention and introduces the topic. Consider using a hook or a captivating story to draw readers in.”

👉 Prompt #6: Chapter Content Creation

“Let’s dive into the content. Please generate the content for the first chapter of the ebook based on the outline we discussed earlier. Ensure that it is digestible and aligns with the ebook’s theme and provides valuable non-generic information for my audience. Suggest images placeholders when needed” [Ask ChatGPT to “continue” if you want a longer version.]

👉 Prompt #7: Visual Elements

“Provide suggestions for relevant images, graphs, charts, or infographics that can complement the text. Specify where these visuals should be placed within the ebook.”

👉 Prompt #8: Call to Action (CTA)

“Include a strong call to action in the ebook to encourage reader engagement or conversion. Craft a persuasive CTA that aligns with the ebook’s theme and purpose. Specify the location where this CTA should appear in the ebook.”

👉 Prompt #9: Formatting and Layout

“Generate recommendations for the ebook’s formatting and layout. Specify fonts, font sizes, spacing, and any special formatting elements that will make the ebook visually appealing and easy to read, taking into consideration my own branding. Ask me relevant questions to know my fonts and colour palette.”

👉 Prompt #10: The Case Study

“I have a great case study that I’d like to explore. Please help me create an outline for the case study, including key sections, subheadings, and the content.”

👉 Prompt #11: Benefits

“Let’s highlight the key benefits of the ebook for my target audience. Please provide a list of at least five compelling benefits that readers can gain from consuming this ebook. Consider how it addresses their pain points, solves their problems, or helps them achieve their goals. These benefits will be crucial for marketing and promoting the ebook effectively.”


Create Any Type Of Digital Product With ChatGPT Help


Your Artificial Intelligence Assistant with ChatGPT Prompts.

Visit https://auth0.openai.com/u/login/

Start a thread. First, copy paste this prompt into ChatGPT.

👉 General Digital Product Creation

“ChatGPT, please help me create a [INSERT THE SPECIFIC TYPE OF DIGITAL PRODUCT YOU WANT TO CREATE] using [INSERT PLATFORM YOU WANT TO USE], starting from scratch. I want this product to be specifically created for [INSERT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE] and solve this specific problem: [INSERT PROBLEM YOU WANT THIS PRODUCT TO SOLVE FOR THEM]

I need all the information necessary to craft it, including the design, the format options I have, the entire framework, the outline if relevant, the content itself and every single info I need to craft a compelling, inspiring and unique digital product. Please, give me all the details and steps I need to take to create this digital product.”

Thank You!

Thank you for your purchase!

Hope this fires you up.

Remember: You just need to focus. Focus on ONE audience, ONE store, ONE problem to solve. And be ready to keep learning. Everything is possible the day you believe that it is.